Easy Steps to Mount Commode

June 8, 2022

If your commode is old as well as in need of repairs, it is cheaper to change it by installing a new one. This is quite simple and also can be finished in the afternoon. However, if you prepare to set up a commode in a new place, you will certainly have to extend supply pipelines and also drains to the preferred spot, a task you might want to leave to a plumbing professional.

A lot of bathrooms are offered with essential gaskets, washing machines, and equipment for suitable the tank to the bowl. Nevertheless, you may need to purchase a few parts. Here is a list of what you require to finish this job:

Components: Commode bowl, Commode storage tank, Toilet seat, Two 1/4″ bolts for the bowl to flange, Wax ring, 20″ water with fitting at valve or flooring connection, and Tools: Set of network pliers, bucket, screw chauffeur.

( Most of these can be gotten online at any kind of DIY internet site such as DIY Tips UK: [http://www.diy-tips-uk.com/plumbing]

  1. Shut off the water to the commode, and utilize a pail as well as a towel or a sponge to remove the water left in the storage tank and bowl after you purge the toilet.
  2. Making use of a pair of channel pliers, or a tiny pipe wrench (8″), remove the nut where the water line fastens to the ballcock shutoff under the left side of the bottom of the tank. Next use a little crescent wrench, eliminate both 1/4″ nuts holding the dish to the floor flange. Get rid of the old toilet. Remove the water line from the shutoff or installation on the floor or wall.
  3. Now you are ready to mount your new commode. Place the two 1/4″ screws in the side openings of the flange with the screw head in the flange. Put a few of the old wax in this area to hold the bolts straight up and also across from each various other. Put a new wax ring on the flange, level side up if tapered.
  4. Establish a brand-new dish just right down so it centers on the wax rings as well as both screws come through holds on each side of the bowl. Rest on dish dealing with wall surface until your weight places bowl flush with the floor. Place metal washing machines and also nuts on bolts as well as tighten up until snug. Do not over-tighten as you can crack the bowl. Tighten up these again after the toilet is completely mounted as well as filled with water.
  5. Next off-put a 2″ rubber gasket on the storage tank where it sets on the dish, and put rubber washers on bolts supplied under the screw head so they will certainly get on the within the storage tank. Get a tank and also set on astonishing openings in a bowl where screws experience. Sit on bowl encountering wall. Place screws on from the inside of the tank right into holes in the bowl, place on metal washing machines and also nuts, and also tighten up. Hold storage tank degree and also tighten up so it brings tank down a degree. Make use of a huge screwdriver inside the container as well as a crescent wrench or end wrench to back up the nut under a bowl. Tighten with the screw vehicle driver. Hook water to the tank, turn on the water, check for leakages, and also snug up the bolts holding the bowl to the floor. If there is a space in between the back of the storage tank and also the wall, placed a spacer of type there to brace the tank. A piece of wood or hard rubber works fine.


A minimum of twice a year clear out the within your bathroom tank. When cleansing the commode container, switch off the water, flush the commode as soon as, include a small amount of cleansing detergent inside the tank to water staying as well as utilize a fabric or brush to tidy. Also, clear out holes under the toilet seat as well as the edge of the bowl as well as the 3/4″ hole in the all-time low of the toilet dish. Change rubber storage tank sphere currently if needed. Preserving your new toilet will maintain the plumbing contractors away and decrease your plumbing bill.