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  • General Orientation
  • Pakistan
    [An elegant graphical gateway to a few introductory bits of information about the country. They can be revealed by a mouse click at various places on the central design. Additional basic information is available elsewhere in the site in the form of a series of fact sheets that begin with Geography. Sponsored by Instec Digital Systems in Karachi.]
  • Pakistan - A Country Study
    [A keyword searchable version of a study completed in 1994 and edited Peter Blood for the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, USA.]
  • Pakistan - World Factbook (CIA)
    [The United States Central Intelligence Agency's annual fact-book offers considerable information about Pakistan in a brief space and can be downloaded to your computer if you prefer.]

  • Pakistan Map
    [A map of Pakistan in its region. It is important to note that graphic designs and maps that represent national boundaries in South Asia at the same time reflect unresolved boundary disputes.]
  • Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
    [A major map archive at the University of Texas in Austin, USA. Several Pakistan Maps are online.]

    Commercial Introductions and Guides
  • Pak Avenue
    [Particularly recommended as a guide to the Pakistani internet. A service of Pakistan Information Networks in Islamabad. Like Desi Home (above) can serve as an entry portal and functional home page for people mainly interested in Pakistan — offers a user's club and a range of services.]
  • Urdu Point
    [If you read Urdu, this site claims to be one of the largest and most comprehensive on Pakistan. If you need help, Waseem Khan's English-Urdu Dictionary may be of interest. However, it is in Roman rather than Nastaliq script.]
  • Yahoo Pakistan Regional Index
    [Indexed links, some with brief annotations, organized by topics: Cities, Provinces, FAQ, Indices, Art, Business, Education, Entertainment, Government, Internet Services, Kashmir, News and Media, Organizations, Real-Time Chat, Society and Culture, Sports, and Travel.]

    Personal Introductions and Guides
  • Fazia's Pakistan Pages
    [Very well-designed pages by Fazia Begum Rizvi (anthropologist and web designer) includes a fact-sheet; list of internet and e-mail providers, domains, and BBS's in Pakistan; links related to Pakistani and South Asian women; some Islam links.]
  • Naveed Ahmad's Home Page
    [A software engineer working in New Jersey (USA) offers information about the costs for a Desi living in North America as well as a well-organized list of Pakistan-relevant links to other Internet sites. (Compare his links with those available as PakVista.) ]
  • Pakistan: "The Land of the Pure"
    [A professional-quality design but a personal introduction to the country by Kamran Riaz who emigrated from Pakistan to the USA in 1983 and serves as Dean of Students at the University of Houston, Texas.]

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